New collaboration model bringing together G-SHOCK and the storied jazz label Blue Note Records.

The collaboration model is based on the GST-B100

The new GST-B100BNR features the symbolic black G-SHOCK brand color throughout for a sophisticated, cool look, highlighted with the blue brand color of Blue Note Records. The design evokes the worldviews of both G-SHOCK and Blue Note Records, which have continually sought out challenges in their respective domains: watches and jazz.

The collaboration model is based on the GST-B100 in the G-STEEL series of watches that combine different materials. The new GST-B100BNR connects to a smartphone using Bluetooth® to keep accurate time and easily change settings such as world time and alarms from the app.

Case back with details

The case back is designed in the image of a vinyl record, with the Blue Note Records logo etched in the center. The special packaging incorporates a metal plate inscribed with the G-SHOCK and Blue Note Records logos, highlighting a special model that lives up to this collaboration.

Blue Note Records

Blue Note Records was established as a jazz label in New York in 1939 when German immigrant founder Alfred Lion recorded boogie woogie pianists Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis. Since then Blue Note Records has encompassed various types of jazz, maintaining a position as the most revered and historical jazz label in the world. It has recorded a wide range of well-known musicians, and was a major innovator in both music and design.