GST-B200 & MTG-B1000

Formless Tai Chi Edition

Designed by Chen Yingjie

The limited watches feature a design by Cheng Yingjie who is famous for being influenced by oriental ink painting and western street art.The  concept for these watches is namend formless tai chi, with the tai chi representing the change and flow of tim

Stainless steel with black IP-coating

To embody the concept of formless tai chi, the stainless steel case parts of  the watches feature a black IP coating and a printing of Chen Yingjie’s art on the band. The MT-G model also has a taiji concept engraved on the case back.

packed with features

Both models feature a carbon fiber reinforced case, Tough Solar, and smartphone link. The MTG-B1000TJ also comes with Multi-Band 6 time adjustment and a sapphire crystal.