Do what you want. Go your own way. Don't be swayed by the mainstream. Be like G-SHOCK.

"No comply" is originally a term from the world of skateboarding. Everyone knows the eponymous trick — a trick that looks almost impossible at first glance.
Always provocative. Always tough.

At the same time, the term "no comply" suits both the self-assured attitude of the rap scene—another place where rules are broken—as well as G-SHOCK's tough anti-establishment attitude. If MCs and DJs hadn't started to use microphones at parties and producers hadn't discovered sampling as an art form, rap would never have come about. Likewise, if G-SHOCK had stuck to the seemingly established rules, the brand wouldn't be synonymous with extremely tough watches today. Instead, G-SHOCK is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.
No rules. No hype. #nocomply. Just G-SHOCK.

No Comply represents both the title and the attitude of the new G-SHOCK campaign. After all, the tough watch has been entrenched in the hip hop and skating universe since the 1980s. This is partly thanks to the considerable interweaving of the rap and skateboarding scenes in the 1990s and—quite simply—also due to G-SHOCK's cool look and wide range of models. In the hip hop scene, having style and flawlessly colour-coordinating your outfits has always been important. The G-SHOCK was the perfect match for every look thanks to its unique design and the hundreds of different styles it offered.

By the way: We invite you to express your unique style and character on social networks using the hashtag #nocomply.
No Comply Limited Edition GA-710GB-1ALTD

If your colours are black and gold, we have the perfect watch for you! As part of the No Comply campaign, G-SHOCK has developed a limited-edition watch: the GA-710GB-1ALTD, with a gold display and "No Comply" lettering embossed on the black strap.
Limited to 500 pieces, the "No Comply" model comes in a high-quality, serially numbered collector's box, decorated with a laser-cut insert and an embossed logo. The offer also includes the exclusive No Comply bandana and a set of postcards featuring the best motifs from the campaign.