Kazuhiro Kokubo, also known as Kazu for short, was just four when he started snowboarding. He is now one of the most famous and well-respected professional snowboarders in Japan's sporting history.

Nowadays, snowboarding is becoming increasingly specialised and most riders are forced to focus on one particular style. Japan's Kazuhiro Kokubo is a rare exception to this; he is a multi-talented rider who is extremely successful. This versatile phenomenon of a rider competed in the halfpipe for Japan at the Olympic Games in 2010 in Vancouver and reached a respectable 8th place. Even when there are no Olympics, he spends his winters competing and winning titles worldwide – from the Burton US Open in the halfpipe to the Ticket to Ride World Snowboard Tour in Europe, New Zealand and Japan. He also made history at the US Open in 2010 and 2011 by beating his biggest competitor, Shaun White.

Kazu is a real crowd favourite, both in his home country of Japan and abroad, and his name is associated in a sense with explosive snowboarding and impressive style. As well as competing in championships, he also snowboards down the mountains for the most famous snowboard photographers and film makers in the world. He spends what little free time he has tending his large garden with his wife, Tomoe, and also working as a volunteer in his home country of Japan to support the animal welfare organisation JEARS.
When it comes to his passion for G-SHOCK, he says: "G-SHOCK is all about style and being the best technically". Just like Kazu.